2 easy ways to hem curtains without sewing.

2 Easy Ways to Hem Curtains Without Sewing

Why Need to Hem Curtains?

Have you ever found curtains to be annoying? They can either be too long or too short, giving your room an awkward or messy look. So it’s necessary to learn how to hem curtains.

Don’t worry if you are without a sewing machine or don’t know how to sew. Hemming curtains isn’t such a daunting task. We’ve got you covered! This article will provide you with 2 easy ways to hem curtains without sewing, whether you’re a beginner or just looking for some quick solutions. So say goodbye to those short or dragging curtains, and say hello to neat and stylish curtains!

Supplies Required for No-Sewing Hem

Before starting to hem curtains without sewing, you’d better get everything ready!

  1. Prepare Your Curtains: The first thing to do is to prepare your curtains that need shortening. If your curtain is new, you should pre-wash it before hemming since curtain fabric tends to shrink. And pre-washing them can give your finished project a neat and professional look. So whether your curtains are used or brand new, pre-washing and drying them help a lot.
  2. Measurement Tools: For measurement tools, a quilting ruler is enough. But if your curtains are too long, maybe a measuring tape is a better idea.
  3. Cutting Choices: A pair of sharp scissors is good. The rotary cutter with a quilting mat is better for accurate cutting lines. So choose whatever you like.
  4. Hem Tape: Using hem tape might be the best choice to hem curtains without sewing. There are many types of hem tapes on the market. Try to choose a type of iron-on hem tape. We recommend fusible hem tape in the size of 5/8″ wide because it is permanent and cannot be removed.
  5. Iron and Iron Board: An iron is an essential tool. Don’t forget your iron board.
  6. Marking Choices: Before cutting, you can use chalk, erasable pens, sewing clips, or pins to mark the cutting lines.

2 Easy Ways to Hem Curtains Without Sewing

Now it’s time for you to start another no-sewing adventure! The following two different step-by-step tutorials will inspire you a lot! Let’s learn to hem curtains without sewing!

Option 1: Hem Tape-Hem Curtains Without Sewing

Step 1: Determine Your Hem Length and Mark

Step 1 to hem curtains without sewing: determine your hem length and mark.

There are 2 methods to measure your curtains. The first method is to measure the curtains without hanging them. You need to use a measuring tape to measure from the top of the curtain rod or the curtain track to the floor in height. Ask someone to help hold the measuring tape to ensure the measurement is right. As a general rule, people want curtains that barely kiss the floor. So determine and mark your preferred curtain length. Then add an extra 2 inches for the hem and remember to mark again.

The second method is to measure the length by hanging up the curtains, which is easier to get the measurement. Then use clips, pins, or a fabric marker to mark where the finished length of the hem is. Similarly, add 2 inches below the previous marks or pins.

Step 2: Cut the Excess Curtains 

Step 2 to hem curtains without sewing: cut the excess curtains.

With a rotary cutter, you can do the cutting more easily. Lay the curtain panel on a quilting mat. If you don’t have a quilting mat, you can lay it somewhere flat. Then line the quilting ruler straight, following the marked line. Use the rotary cutter to cut off the excess length of the curtains you measured previously.

When cutting, you’d better cut in small sections at a time and make sure your curtains line up with the ruler straight.

Step 3: Hem Curtains Without Sewing

Step 3 to hem curtains without sewing: insert the fusible hem tape in the fold.

Since the excess fabric is cut off, let’s start hemming!

First, set your iron on medium heat for normal curtains or high heat for thick curtains with no steam. Lay your curtains on the iron board and fold up 1 inch on the raw edge of the curtain on the bottom. Then press tight with your iron.

Second, fold up another inch and press again. Try to iron the entire edge slowly and carefully.

Finally, insert the fusible hem tape in the fold you just created. One more time, press the new hem with the tape. In this way, the iron will melt the hem tape to fuse the fabric curtain so that the folded-up hem can be well bonded.

Now hang up your curtain, and everything is finished!

Step 4 to hem curtains without sewing: iron the new hem.

Option 2: Curtain Rings-Hem Curtains Without Sewing

Instead of working on the bottom, you can shorten your long curtains from the top by clipping on curtain rings.


  1. Try to fold over the top of the curtain several times to decide your desired length. Use a marker to mark the line.
  2. Cut off an excessive amount of the curtain, but remember to leave a couple of inches, like 2 inches, to fold over later.
  3. Fold over an inch and press the crease clearly with your iron.
  4. Fold the edge again until it exceeds the crease to hide it.
  5. Finally, clip the edge to the curtain rings and hang the curtain up.

These are the two easy ways to hem curtains without sewing. No matter which way you choose, they can both help you hem and shorten your curtains easily.

4 Tips to Pay Attention to

  • Make sure your measurement is accurate.
  • Make sure your cutting tools are as sharp as possible.
  • Be careful when using the iron.
  • Try to be more patient.

More FAQs for Hemming Curtains at Home

Q1: How to Lengthen Curtains Without Sewing

Now you have learned how to hem curtains without sewing, especially for overlong curtains. But if your curtain is short, there is a way to help you lengthen it without sewing.

Supplies needed:

  • seam ripper
  • scissors
  • iron
  • iron-on adhesive


  1. Locate the original hemmed part on the bottom of the curtain.
  2. Use a seam ripper to remove all the hem stitches. Be careful not to cause a hole in the fabric. Cut the stitches continuously until the entire hem is removed. Don’t forget to throw away those loose threads.
  3. Preheat the iron. Place the adhesive tape along the bottom of the curtain.
  4. Use the iron to press the tape until the tape and the fabric are well bonded. Thick curtains need more time and higher heat, so try to be patient.
  5. Wait until the tape cools down, then remove the paper liner at the top. Fold up the edge and use the iron to press again to make the two layers well-bonded.

After the 5 steps, you will get your new lengthened curtain.

Q2: How to Hem Curtains With Sewing


  1. Repeat the process of measurement, and generally allow an extra 5 inches for the seam.
  2. Trim off the excess part.
  3. Fold up 1 inch on the edge and press it with your iron.
  4. Then fold up another 4 inches and press again.
  5. Use a sewing machine to stitch along the second fold and leave about 1/8 inch from the edge. Or you can sew it by hand.


Follow the above tutorials, and you can hem curtains without sewing successfully, especially for those beginners who have no sewing skills!

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