Easy DIY Fabric Scrap Projects

25 Easy DIY Fabric Scrap Projects: Use Leftover Scrap Fabric

In an eco-conscious society, using fabric scraps has become a conscientious crafting movement rather than just thriftiness. Within this sphere, transforming textile remnants into functional items is a statement against throwaway culture.

These endeavors serve a dual purpose: they are a testament to the ingenuity of crafters who are able to see beyond the conventional lifecycle of materials, and they stand as a beacon for sustainable living. Each scrap of fabric, when skillfully incorporated into a new project, can become an integral part of something larger, both in form and purpose.

Upon exploring the various ways in which these fabric scraps can be repurposed, one can’t help but envision the potential fabric scrap projects eagerly awaiting their renaissance.

Key Takeaways

  • No-sew fabric accessories can be created using wire, fabric scraps, and fabric glue, making them accessible even to those without sewing skills.
  • Easy-to-sew organizers using fabric scraps and a sewing machine can help keep cables and cords organized in a stylish and practical way.
  • Fabric scraps can be repurposed to create elegant fabric bows for storage solutions and hair accessories, inspiring further creativity in fabric crafting.
  • Transforming small fabric scraps into eco-friendly coasters and handcrafted fabric flowers is a great way to reduce textile waste and showcase resourcefulness.

25 Easy DIY Fabric Scrap Projects to Use Small Fabrics

Transforming fabric scraps into chic and functional items is both an art and a form of eco-friendly ingenuity.

A no-sew wire headband can become a charming accessory with just a twist. Meanwhile, easy-sew cord keepers offer a practical solution to keep cables organized in style.

Crafting fabric bows, coasters, and flowers can give a new look to your home and wardrobe, even with the smallest pieces of leftover fabric.

1. No-Sew Wire Headband

Two bow headbands on a wooden table.

Crafting a chic no-sew wire headband becomes a delightful convergence of simplicity and style. You only need to cleverly repurpose diminutive fabric scraps with wire, scissors, and a dab of fabric glue. To make these cute accessories, select vibrant fabric strips from your collection of remnants. This will ensure a touch of personality in every twist and turn of the design. By choosing no-sew fabric techniques, you transform bits and bobs into a fashionable statement piece without the need for intricate sewing skills.

Here’s how to use fabric scraps to craft your own:

  • Cut a long strip of fabric scrap. Fold it over a piece of wire. Then, secure it with fabric glue.
  • Twist the wire to fit comfortably around your head, creating a custom, adjustable accessory.
  • Embellish the headband with knots or bows. Add flair to this simple yet elegant creation.

2. Easy-Sew Cord Keepers

Two usb chargers and a cup of coffee on a table

Harness the charm of small fabric scraps to create easy-to-sew cord keepers that stylishly organize unruly wires. This fabric scrap project transforms clutter into harmony. It offers a bespoke touch to everyday tech accessories.

Easy to make, these little guardians of gadgetry need nothing more than a sewing machine, a snippet of creativity, and the tiniest of fabric leftovers. Imagine turning a jumbled mess of cables into a neatly organized tableau with these chic organizers.

Instead of just using scrap fabric, sewing compact loops allows you to craft a custom solution that reflects your style. The result is an ensemble of cord keepers. Each tells its own story of resourcefulness and design.

3. Make Easy Fabric Bows

Easy DIY fabric scrap projects featuring a group of colorful bows on a white surface.

Creating easy fabric bows emerges as a delightful way to use small scraps. It adds a touch of elegance and charm to both storage solutions and hair accessories. With just a few simple folds and stitches, transform your leftover textiles into enchanting adornments.

Here’s how to begin:

  • Select Your Fabric Scraps: Choose pieces with appealing colors and patterns that complement each other.
  • Cut and Shape: Fashion your scraps into strips and loops to form the bow’s body and tails.
  • Assemble and Embellish: Secure the layers with a needle and thread. Add a central knot or button for an extra flourish.

Crafting DIY fabric bows also inspires you to sew fabric flowers and other decorative items. Unleash your creativity and turn those fabric scraps into charming, bespoke fabric bows.

4. Make Fabric Coasters

Easy DIY quilted coasters made from fabric scraps placed on a wooden table.

Transforming small fabric scraps into bespoke, eco-friendly coasters offers both a stylish and practical solution to reduce textile waste. Delve into a sewing project that not only embellishes your home but also speaks to a conscious lifestyle.

Imagine the satisfaction as you use up fabric scraps, piecing together vibrant squares that blend harmoniously into one-of-a-kind fabric coasters. Every coaster represents your creativity, protects surfaces, and repurposes fabric remnants.

5. Make Fabric Flowers

A group of easy DIY fabric scrap projects on a wooden table.

Embrace the charm of textile blooms by mastering the art of creating fabric flowers. This delightful way to give new life to even the smallest of fabric scraps adds a touch of handcrafted elegance. These blossoms of cloth can transform the mundane into the extraordinary. They can infuse everyday items with a burst of color and texture.

Here’s how to cultivate your own garden of scrap fabric ideas:

  • Gather Your Petals: Cut scraps to make petal shapes. Mix and match colors and prints for a vibrant bouquet.
  • Stitch and Shape: Use simple hand stitches to secure and layer petals, creating depth and dimension.
  • Embellish and Enjoy: Add buttons or beads to the center for a finishing touch. Use your fabric flowers to adorn accessories, home decor, or as gifts.

6. Fabric Covered Clipboard

Two clipboards adorned with colorful flowers; a perfect addition to your Easy DIY Fabric Scrap Projects.

Now, turn your attention to reinventing the humble office staple with a fabric-covered clipboard. It can seamlessly merge functionality and style with your treasury of fabric scraps.

Each fabric-covered clipboard becomes a testament to your ingenuity, making the most of scrap fabric projects. Dive into the medley of textures and colors in your possession. Let your imagination guide your scissors and adhesive.

The result? A uniquely personalized yet utterly functional piece that speaks to your resourcefulness and flair for design.

7. Fabric Tape

A bunch of rolls of floral tape on a wooden table, perfect for Easy DIY Projects.

Discover the world of fabric tape. It’s a creative solution that transforms even the smallest fabric scraps into functional and decorative adhesive strips, perfect for various DIY projects. You can use fabric tape to embellish, bind, or even repair items with a delightful handcrafted touch.

Here are three creative uses for fabric tape:

  • Personalize Stationery: Use strips of fabric tape to add a unique flair to notebooks, cards, and bookmarks.
  • Make Fabric Twine: Braid small scraps of fabric into sturdy, colorful twine for gift wrapping or craft projects.
  • Decorate Home Accents: Accentuate picture frames, lampshades, or plant pots with fabric tape for a customized look that breathes new life into your decor.

8. Fabric Bookmarks

A set of bookmarks made from fabric scraps, placed on a table next to a vase of flowers.

Another delightful project to consider is the creation of bespoke fabric bookmarks. These bookmarks use even the smallest pieces of fabric for a charming and eco-friendly addition to any reader’s collection.

By selecting small remnants of fabric, you can craft a personalized reading accessory. This accessory not only saves these scraps from waste but also brings a touch of creativity to your reading experience.

With fabric bookmarks, you give new life to leftover materials. You are sewing a small yet significant testament to sustainable crafting.

9. Scrap Fabric Tree

An Easy DIY Christmas Tree made out of colorful fabric scrap.

Nestled among a lot of fabric scrap projects, the scrap fabric tree emerges as a charming and eco-friendly project. It transforms even the tiniest pieces of leftover materials into whimsical home decor. These delightful creations not only celebrate the spirit of sustainability but also bring a handmade, cozy touch to any space.

Learn how to make scrap magic happen:

  • Choose Your Scraps: Sort through your scraps of material. Select a variety of colors and patterns that complement each other.
  • Construct the Form: Create a cone-shaped base with cardboard to serve as the foundation for your fabric Christmas trees.
  • Layer and Adorn: Attach scraps to the base using glue or sewing. Start from the bottom up to create a lush, textured effect that makes use of those scraps wonderfully.

10. Fabric Basket

An Easy DIY Fabric Scrap Project with a basket full of colorful fabric on top of a wooden table.

Transforming a heap of small fabric scraps into a charming and functional fabric basket epitomizes the art of resourceful crafting. This provides an elegant solution for home organization.

This project invites you to weave a tapestry of memories from leftover fabric scraps. Each piece tells a story as it contributes to creating a unique and personalized container.

The process of crafting a fabric basket is not just an act of making; it’s a journey through the fabric of your life, repurposing the old into a treasure that’s both new and immensely practical.

11. Fabric Pumpkins

Easy DIY fabric pumpkins are lined up on a table.

Creating fabric pumpkins offers a festive twist on scrap repurposing. It turns diminutive remnants into charming autumnal decor. Using leftover fabric pieces in this scrap busting project not only gives life to adorable fabric selections but also brings a touch of whimsy to your home. These fabric pumpkins can make a cute addition to your fall-themed vignettes or be delightful handmade gifts.

Here’s how to craft your own:

  • Select Your Fabric: Pick out small pieces of fabric in various autumnal colors or patterns.
  • Cut and Sew: Cut the fabric into circles. Then, stitch them into a pouch, leaving a small opening for stuffing.
  • Stuff and Shape: Fill the pumpkin with stuffing. Cinch the opening. And shape it with twine or embroidery floss to mimic pumpkin segments.

12. Fabric Bowls

Easy DIY fabric scrap projects showcasing a group of colorful bowls arranged on a table.

Crafting fabric bowls from scraps is not only a resourceful endeavor but also an artistic expression. It turns tiny textile fragments into functional home decor.

Imagine weaving together the colors and textures of your leftover scraps of fabric, creating a mosaic of memories and designs. These fabric bowls embody the essence of sustainability, which small projects significantly impact. By stitching and shaping, fabric scraps can be used to form vessels of both beauty and purpose.

13. Fabric Scrap Quilt

An easy DIY colorful quilt sitting on a chair in a garden, made from fabric scrap projects.

A handmade quilt offers a cozy testament to both creativity and sustainability. It invites quilters to stitch together a tapestry of colors and memories with every patch. A scrappy quilt block becomes a canvas where fabric remnants tell a story, piece together a heritage of patterns, or celebrate a scrappy pet through patchwork design.

Here’s how to embark on this quilting journey:

  • Select Your Palette: Gather scraps by color theme or mixed prints for an unexpected visual symphony.
  • Design Your Blocks: Arrange your pieces into quilt blocks. Balance colors and sizes for harmony and contrast.
  • Piece it Together: Stitch your blocks, considering a mix of traditional and improvisational piecing to create a quilt that’s uniquely yours.

14. Make Easy Mason Jar Toppers

Five mason jars lined up on a table, ready for easy DIY fabric scrap projects.

Continuing our journey, creating easy Mason Jar toppers is a whimsical yet practical project. It can add a splash of personality and sustainability to your kitchen storage solutions.

By choosing to upcycle fabric scraps into charming toppers, you not only enhance the visual appeal of your pantry but also contribute to a waste-reducing lifestyle.

The outcome is highly fulfilling, as you create bespoke, eco-friendly accents that stylishly contain your goods while reflecting your creativity.

15. No-Sew Fabric Bracelet

An easy DIY stack of colorful fabric scrap bracelets on a table.

Delving into the realm of sustainable fashion, no-sew fabric bracelets offer a chic way to repurpose small fabric scraps into stylish accessories without sewing. These fabric crafts merge creativity with eco-consciousness. They transform tiny scraps into bespoke adornments that capture the essence of individual style and resourcefulness.

To embark on this fashionable journey of upcycling, consider the following steps:

  • Select vibrant strips of fabric from your collection of leftovers, considering various textures and patterns.
  • Cut the strips into lengths suitable for braiding or twisting. Create a blend of colors that reflects your personal aesthetic.
  • Use simple knotting techniques to secure the ends of your no-sew fabric bracelet. Ensure a snug but comfortable fit around your wrist.

16. Mini Wallet/Coin Purse

A group of colorful zippered pouches on a wooden table, perfect for easy DIY fabric scrap projects.

Creating mini wallets and coin purses from fabric scraps is a practical and eco-conscious way to make everyday accessories.

These charming zipper bags embody resourcefulness, transforming a humble piece of scrap fabric into a bespoke treasure. Even smaller pieces, which might otherwise be discarded, find new purpose in this simple project.

Imagine the satisfaction of weaving together patterns and hues, each stitch infusing your creation with personal flair. The result is a patchwork of creativity, a compact companion for your coins and cards, and a statement of your commitment to reducing waste.

17. Fabric Garland

An easy DIY fabric garland, made from colorful fabric scraps, hanging from a window.

Transform your eclectic mix of fabric scraps into a vibrant fabric garland. It’s a simple yet striking DIY project that infuses your living space with a burst of color and a touch of sustainability. This fun and easy endeavor is one of the most delightful things to make with fabric pieces that are too small for larger creations. By turning strips of fabric into a decorative masterpiece, you not only beautify your surroundings but also champion eco-friendly practices.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Select Your Scraps: Mix and match different patterns and colors for a personalized look.
  • Cut and Tie: Snip your scraps into strips. Securely tie them to a string or cord.
  • Display with Pride: Drape your handcrafted garland across a mantle, doorway, or wall, and enjoy the fruits of your creativity.

18. Fabric Scrap Tutu

An easy DIY tassel skirt made from colorful fabric scraps beautifully displayed on a wooden floor.

Channeling whimsy and resourcefulness, crafting a fabric scrap tutu offers a charming way to repurpose small fabric pieces into a playful and imaginative accessory. Embarking on such fabric scrap projects transforms remnants into treasures, making them ideal things to make with scraps.

You don’t need a sewing machine for this fun project. Tie strips of fabric around an elastic waistband, alternating colors and textures for a whimsical effect. The result is a delightful swirl of hues that invites twirls and dreams of fairy tales.

This project not only clears the clutter of leftover textiles but also ignites the joy of creation. It’s a testament to the beauty of giving new life to the overlooked and making magic with your own two hands.

19. Keychain Chapstick Holder

An easy DIY fabric key ring project using colorful fabric scraps on a wooden table.

Turn diminutive fabric scraps into a practical accessory by creating a nifty keychain chapstick holder. It’s a project that epitomizes both ingenuity and style. This delightful undertaking transforms small pieces of scrap fabric into a bespoke item. It ensures your lip care is always within easy reach. Here’s how to make your own:

  • Cut the Fabric: Begin with long strips of fabric, ideally measuring about 2.5 by 4 inches for the holder, plus a shorter piece for the loop.
  • Sew and Flip: Stitch the sides together. Turn the holder right-side out. Fold the loop to make the wristlet key attachment.
  • Assemble and Enjoy: Attach the loop to one end. Slide in your chapstick. And secure it to your keychain for a chic, handcrafted touch.

20. Make Scrap Bunting

A group of colorful buntings, an easy DIY fabric scrap project, hanging on a wall.

Crafting vibrant scrap bunting is a delightful way to breathe new life into assorted fabric remnants. This transforms them into a festive decoration that adds a splash of color and personality to any space.

By selecting fabric to make these charming garlands, you are not only engaging in a creative endeavor but also practicing sustainability.

Cut the fabrics into triangles or other geometric shapes. Stitch them onto a length of string or ribbon. With each addition, your unique bunting will emerge, ready to adorn walls, mantels, or garden parties.

21. Fabric Scrap Tags

A bunch of colorful paper tags on a wooden table, perfect for Easy DIY projects.

Transform your tiny fabric leftovers into charming and functional scrap tags. This is perfect for personalizing gifts or organizing household items with a touch of handmade flair. Even the smallest of scraps can become a canvas for creativity, allowing you to showcase your favorite scrap fabric in a whole new light. By turning leftover fabric into pretty fabric tags, you not only reduce waste but also add a bespoke element to everyday objects.

  • Select Your Fabric: Choose your tiniest scraps with the most delightful patterns or colors to make your tags stand out.
  • Cut and Sew: Trim your scraps into desired shapes and sizes. Then, stitch them together, adding reinforcement for durability.
  • Embellish: Personalize each tag by embroidering names or adding buttons and beads for a decorative touch.

22. Scrap Fabric Leaves

An assortment of colorful leaves creatively arranged on a table.

Embrace the art of repurposing with scrap fabric leaves. It’s a simple yet elegant project that turns your smallest pieces of leftover material into a celebration of nature’s beauty.

Gather your colorful fabric scraps and transform those bits of fabric into an array of charming leaves. You can mimic the diverse colors and shapes found in the natural world. Each leaf becomes a testament to creativity, crafted from fabric swatches that once seemed too insignificant to use.

These scrap fabric leaves can adorn wreaths, become part of a handmade garland, or embellish gifts. They provide a touch of autumnal splendor or spring freshness to your home decor.

23. Reusable Advent Calendar

An easy DIY christmas advent calendar hanging on a wall.

Consider fashioning small fabric scraps into a charming, reusable advent calendar. It can become a cherished part of your holiday tradition. This project not only breathes new life into leftover materials but also adds a touch of handmade warmth to your festive home decor.

Here are three key steps to creating your own calendar:

  • Select Fabrics: Mix and match patterns for a whimsical look or make a matching set for a unified theme. Fun things like polka dots, stripes, and holiday prints can bring your calendar to life.
  • Easy Sewing: Craft 24 small pouches or pockets with easy sewing techniques. This is perfect for beginners and seasoned crafters alike.
  • Personalize: Number each piece and add small goodies. This fabric project transforms into a delightful countdown to Christmas, sparking joy year after year.

24. Doll Clothes

Easy DIY doll dresses with flowers made from fabric scraps.

Creating miniature fashion by crafting doll clothes with fabric scraps is a creative way to repurpose remnants and improve sewing skills.

Transform your favorite scrap into a delightful dress. Or turn a little fabric left from a previous project into a chic doll’s skirt. Even old fabric finds new purpose as it becomes part of a fashionable ensemble for cherished playthings.

The process doesn’t just make the fabric useful again. It cultivates creativity and sustainability. Every stitch contributes to an extraordinary collection of bespoke doll garments. They are unique and eco-friendly. They teach valuable lessons in upcycling with every snip and seam.

25. Fabric Twine

An Easy DIY project using a pile of colorful ribbons on a wooden table.

Let’s take the scraps of creativity and use them to create durable and versatile fabric twine. This brilliant scrap fabric transformation yields a handmade fabric yarn that can be coiled into many projects.

  • Transforming Scraps: With nimble fingers and a dash of patience, weave a symphony of colors into fabric twine. Create a sturdy base for a rustic, chic rag rug or a fabric-wrapped basket.
  • Inspiring Creativity: Picture the twine as your canvas and the fabric scraps as your palette. Craft unique, personalized home decor, or fashion a bohemian-inspired belt or bracelet.
  • Eco-Friendly Crafting: Embrace sustainability by repurposing fabric scraps into something functional and beautiful. Reduce waste and inspire others to follow in your eco-conscious footsteps.

Size of Scraps for Fabric Scrap Projects

For fabric scrap projects, save pieces ranging from two by two inches to fat quarters for versatile use.

The key to a treasure trove of textile potential lies in the diversity of your remnants. A strip of fabric, no wider than your thumb, can become the spine of a braided rug or the edge of a whimsical bookmark. Many fabric scraps, amassed over time, can transform into a vibrant patchwork tote or a cozy quilt that tells a story with every square.

Imagine the squares of fabric, meticulously cut, ready to be pieced together like a puzzle that blooms into an intricate wall hanging. Every piece of fabric, no matter how modest, holds the promise of becoming part of something greater.

As you sort your scraps by color and size, envision the fabric scrap projects that will emerge. Fold your fat quarters with care, and tuck away those charming oddments. They are the humble beginnings of your next masterpiece, waiting to unfold beneath your fingers.

How to Store and Organize Fabric Scraps

Having gathered a colorful array of fabric scraps, the next step is to master the art of organizing them. Imagine transforming chaos into a visually stunning fabric library. Every scrap is a volume of potential waiting to be pulled from the shelf of your creativity.

Here are three essential tips to organize fabric scraps:

  • Sort by Size and Color: Create a rainbow of possibilities by arranging your fabric scraps by color and size. This not only makes it easier to find what you need but also turns your storage area into a vibrant display that can spark creativity. Use clear bins or baskets to group similar hues and sizes. Turn your fabric stack into a work of art.
  • File Fabric Samples: Consider using a filing system for your fabric samples, much like you would with important documents. This can be especially handy for quilters or those who work with patchwork designs. File folders or even dedicated scrapbooking sleeves can be perfect holders for your miniature textile treasures.
  • Vertical Storage Solutions: Utilize wall space by hanging organizers or creating a pegboard system. Not only does this save precious workspace, but it also keeps your organized fabric scraps visually accessible. A pegboard with small baskets or clips can easily store fabric scraps without taking up drawer or shelf space.


In conclusion, the conscientious undertaking of fabric scrap projects epitomizes the marriage of creativity and environmental stewardship.

By transforming small pieces of fabric into useful and decorative objects, crafters not only reduce waste but also promote sustainable living.

This creative alchemy not only enriches the tapestry of handmade artistry but also weaves an inspiring narrative of resourcefulness and ecological responsibility for future generations.

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