How to Make a DIY Fabric Flower: No Sew Fabric Flower Tutorial

How to Make a DIY Fabric Flower: No Sew Fabric Flower Tutorial

Have you thought about making fabric flowers without sewing machine? They add a lot of personality to any project. You may be amazed by what you can achieve with just a few materials and clever techniques.

Create beautiful large flowers without using needles for decorating home decor and hair accessories.

Intrigued? Well, I would like to share a quick and easy tutorial with you. Stay tuned to discover how you can unlock this creative potential. It will be helpful for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Chiffon fabric is perfect for making elegant no-sew fabric flowers because it is lightweight.
  • You need tools to cut fabric precisely and bond pieces together securely.
  • Adding buttons or beads and using techniques like petal transformation can make the flowers more unique and special.
  • Fabric flowers can be attached to various items like clothing or bags using safety pins, making them versatile embellishments.

Materials List for Making No-Sew Fabric Flowers

Materials List for Making No-Sew Fabric Flowers

Ready to craft some no-sew fabric flowers?

You’ll need just a few key items: fabric, scissors, a hot glue gun, buttons or beads, and safety pins.

With these materials, you can make beautiful adornments without using a needle and thread.


The choice of fabric plays a vital role in the final look of your no-sew flower. Chiffon fabric is perfect for making beautiful no-sew fabric flowers because it is lightweight and allows for intricate floral patterns. This type of fabric isn’t only easy to manipulate but also perfect for your DIY flower projects. This fabric offers many color choices and layering options, creating a versatile and visually appealing final look. I can even create simple flowers using leftover fabric scraps.


Then, take a pair of sharp scissors – an essential tool for making no-sew fabric flowers. The right pair of scissors will make the cutting process a breeze. When it comes to creating your fabric flowers, consider the following points about scissors:

  • Choose a pair that’s comfortable to hold for precision cutting.
  • Scissors with a longer blade can make cutting larger pieces of fabric easier.

Hot Glue Gun

Hot glue gun is an essential tool that ensures quick and sturdy bonding of fabric pieces.

Buttons or Beads

When making fabric flowers without sewing, you can use buttons or beads to add a decorative element to the center of your creation.

Safety Pins

You’ll notice that safety pins are an essential part of the materials list. Choose a smaller size for delicate fabric flowers and a larger one for heavier creations.

No Sew Fabric Flower Tutorial

No Sew Fabric Flower Tutorial

You’re about to embark on an exciting journey of creating no-sew fabric flowers. We’ll guide you through the steps of folding, gluing, and button-adding to create your own charming embellishments. The following is a detailed instruction.

Step 1: Cut Fabric into 7 Circles and Prepare one Felt Piece

Start by cutting seven circles from your fabric and prepare a piece of felt as the sturdy base for your flower. You can use a circular object as a guide to cut out seven equal-sized circles from your selected fabric. These circles will eventually become the petals of your no-sew flowers.

Step 2: Fold Fabric in Half, then in Half Again

Then, fold the fabric. Take your fabric circles and fold each one in half and then in half again. This will create a quarter circle shape, turning them into beautiful petals. Proper folding is important for achieving the right petal shape and the overall appearance of your no-sew fabric flower.

Step 3: Stick 4 Folded Fabrics to Felt Piece First

Glue the folded fabric circles to the felt base to make the basic structure and outer layer of your fabric flower. Make sure to attach the fabric circles evenly around the felt base.

Here’s what you need to remember:

  • Apply a small amount of hot glue to the felt base.
  • Attach each of the four fabric circles after folding them.
  • Ensure they’re evenly spaced for a balanced flower.
  • Press firmly to secure them, but avoid burning your fingers!

Step 4: Put the Other 3 Folded Fabrics into the Center of Sew Flowers

To make your no-sew fabric flower more detailed, insert the other three folded fabric circles into the middle. This method makes each petal stand out and turns your flower into an attractive and detailed design.

Step 5: Glue a Button into the Center

Glue a button into the center to add an embellishment and a unique focal point. This small detail can make a big difference, turning your fabric flower from nice to amazing. Please choose a button that complements your flower and adds a touch of uniqueness.

Step 6: Add a Safety Pin to the Back of DIY Fabric Flowers

Now, let’s make your DIY fabric flower more wearable and versatile by adding a safety pin to its back. This step turns your fabric flower into a useful accessory that you can add to different items. Simply take a safety pin, open it, and slide it through the back of your fabric flower. Be sure to avoid the front of the flower to maintain its aesthetic appeal.


So you finished an excellent job! It isn’t a challenge for you. With simple tools, you’ve transformed a simple fabric into a gorgeous no-sew flower.

It’s not just a craft, but an experiment to your creativity. Pretty things are universally liked by everyone.  I’m sure that your friends are glad to receive a handy flower as a gift. These flowers can be used to enhance hair accessories or decorate your home, reflecting your artistic style.

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